Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dev-C++ released

Time for another pile of bug fixes. I've also added a few features, like an updated set of built in compiler options and full file path hints when hovering above file tabs.

Changes - Version - 23 Juni 2012
  • Fixed the function argument tip not selecting the function with the right number of arguments first.
  • Fixed that tip showing in various wrong places.
  • Added x86 GDB executables to TDM-GCC x64.
  • Tooltip balloons are now only triggered by words with identifier colors, saving lots of CPU time.
  • Adding watch variables by hovering over words now only adds words with identifier colors.
  • Pressing Alt now does not cause static controls to vanish anymore.
  • This version should scale pictures better on high DPI settings.
  • Moved to a new selection of built in compiler options.
  • Added filename tooltips when hovering above tabs.
  • Closing using the middle mouse button is now only triggered when the mouse is hovering above a tab.
  • Moved to a new selection of built in compiler options.
  • Updated the chinese (TC) translations (by cin.getline).
  • Fixed editor options not applying function tip timer settings properly, causing crashes when typing.
  • Updated the greek translations (by migf1).
  • Various dialogs and buttons are now more spacious, allowing longer translations.
  • Double clicking on errors now always correctly shows the caret.

Important notices
  • This version has GCC built-in instead of being an aditional package. It also contains, among others, D3D9/10/11, GDI, Win32 and OpenGL headers and libraries in that flavor.
  • For ultimate portable programming, please launch devcppPortable.exe located in the installation folder of the portable version. This launcher will tell Dev-C++ to save its configuration files in the same folder as the executable.
  • If you're getting 'Unsupported compression method' errors when extracting the portable version, please update your archiving program. The archive uses LMZA2 compression, which was added to WinRAR 3.91 and 7zip 9.04 somwhere in 2009. The latter is just as free as Dev-C++, so nothing is holding you back to extract it.

  • The setup which includes MinGW32 4.6.2 can be downloaded here (25MB).
  • The setup which includes TDM-GCC x64 4.6.1 can be downloaded here (35MB).
  • The setup which updates only the IDE can be downloaded here (2MB).
  • The portable version which includes MinGW32 4.6.2 can be downloaded here (15MB).
  • The portable version which includes TDM-GCC x64 4.6.1 can be downloaded here (25MB).
  • The portable version which updates only the IDE can be downloaded here (2MB).
  • (New!) Separate compilers can be downloaded here.
  • Lastly, the source code can be found here (1MB).

All editions can run on 32-bit Windows.

All Dev-C++ editions can be updated using the IDE only setups/zips.

RC update
The 5.3 RC10 update can be found here. Its source code can be found here.

Choosing between 32bit and 64bit
  • The 64bit compiler will also run op 32bit computers. Not problem at all.
  • The 64bit compiler can do everything the 32bit compiler can, including creating standard 32bit executables.
  • The 64bit compiler can do stuff the 32bit compiler can't, like creating 64bit executables. It also comes with a lot more headers and libraries.
  • There is no single reason to download the 32bit version except for maybe file size, marginally longer compiling time, or in case you have to use that specific compiler for any reason (regression problems for example).
Compiling for 32bit using TDM-GCC x64
  • To force 32bit on all new projects and non-project compiles, go to Tools >> Compiler Options and select the 'TDM-GCC 32bit' profile. This profile will pass -m32 and use lib32 by default.
  • To force 32bit on already created projects, go to Project >> Project Options >> Compiler and select the 'TDM-GCC 32bit' compiler profile.


  1. The link for setup which includes TDM-GCC x64 is broken. Please fix it. Keep up the good work!

    1. More problems with SourceForge. Great...

    2. Why is the srand(static_cast(time(0))); not working in the new version ?????????

  2. I was forced to use DevC++ for school and didn't liked it because it was outdated, your work made me complain less and work more :D

  3. Gracias por el Dev-C++, realmente es de mucha Ayuda.
    Sigue Adelante.!

  4. If you select something, press ctrl + C, then move on to the next line, press tab, then ctrl + V, and after ctrl + Z.
    Does not work properly!

  5. Next bugs:
    when you turn off append closing braces, braces closing (((((

  6. Thank you, i didn't like DevC++ because it was outdated, but know i'll use it. Really thank by your hard work :)

  7. Haces un gran trabajo, muchas gracias por continuar el proyecto, te lo agradezco mucho.

    La actualización es muy completa, es estupendo compañero :D

  8. hi ..iam getting an erro while running the program....Error is "Couldn't create process"..can anyone please help me in this issue

    1. It'd be great if you could create a bug report here:

      Note: you can use all sorts of account providers if you don't want to create a new SourceForge account.

      If you don't want to create a bug report there, please tell me:
      - What Dev-C++ version you use
      - What the steps needed to reproduce the problem are.
      - If you are running Dev-C++ as an administrator (recommended)

    2. Great! i love thi DEV
      Can you add some more color schemes?
      there is Obsidian in notepad++ looks great
      i know i can set my own color scheme
      but it would be wonderfull if this will be with the install

      thx a LOT :)

    3. I'm a bit low on free time at the moment, so could you do me a favor?

      I could use some help creating the data table.

      The easiest way to create that table is to simply replicate the theme in Tools >> Editor Options >> Colors and using the produced settings file. Can you email that file (devcpp.ini, can be found in %APPDATA%\Dev-C++ or the config folder of your choice) to me once you're pleased with the end result?

    4. " %APPDATA%\Dev-C++\devcpp.ini " - this is what i'm searching for. Finally ))
      thx a lot i will edit this and email you :)
      i will try to make some more schemes :)
      thx :)

    5. The section in devcpp.ini you're interested in is [Editor.Syntax].

      Please save a copy of that section for each theme you create.

    6. Hy bro
      JUS follow steps
      1). go to "tools"
      2). select compiler options
      3). you will shoe compile options Pop Up
      4). in compiler tab "compiler set to configure"
      select your OS 32 bit or 64 bit

    7. Mitesh
      THANK YOU, that solved my problem with "couldn't create process" ;]

  9. gcc version now is 4.7.1, and your devcpp use 4.6.2
    would you like to update it

    if i want to manually doing this, is it save to
    overwrite gcc or other executable in bin folder
    with newest version?

    thanks for your hard work, i'm new to c language
    and find your modified devcpp make my live easier.

    1. Will add it to Dev-C++ 5.3 (the next version hopefully). Thanks for the heads up.

    2. you're the guy that deserve my thanks Orwell.
      anyway, sorry for google translated language.
      i'm suck at english.

  10. I have a bug in Dev-Cpp TDM-GCC x64:

    809 69 C:\Users\Dryken\Desktop\Proyecto\Proyecto de aprendizaje.cpp [Error] cast from 'MCI_OPEN_PARMS* {aka tagMCI_OPEN_PARMSA*}' to 'DWORD {aka long unsigned int}' loses precision [-fpermissive]

    The error is in this line: if (!mciSendCommand(0, MCI_OPEN, dwFlags, (DWORD) &mciParams))

    I hope that you can repair it friend.

    1. Sorry, but this is definitely not a personal code fixing blog.

      I could help you, but if I do, loads of people will start asking me to fix their bugs, and I unfortunately do not have time for that.

      Also, this bug is probably not caused by Dev-C++ anyway. If you believe the compiler is doing it wrong, please contact the corresponding support team of the compiler you use. If you really believe the Dev-C++ IDE is to blame, tell me.

    2. I understand mate, it informs the support team to see if you can solve. Thank you for the inconvenience, regards.

  11. Orwell i sent you some emails about syntax colors, you received them?
    still waiting for feedback!

    1. I replied and added to to all future Dev-C++ builds.

      However, I won't be able to reply/implement/fix much until friday, because it's final exam week over here.

    2. Same here, good luck guy!!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Thanks a ton for all the work on this- As a previous Dev-C++ user who lost faith during the years of non-development, recently learning about this project's existence/revival is a very happy summer.

    One small, small question. I'm on a 64-bit machine, does that mean I should be grabbing the GCC x64 version? Seems obvious, I know, but can't hurt to double-check :)

  14. I wish I could add the function of windows form aplicattion to dev-c + +

    Here is a version of an independent user. This very elaborate.

  15. Thanks for the great work. Could you implement the GUI design into the IDE like WxdevCpp (

    Cheers! :-)

  16. Hi Orwell!

    today i tried to disable console
    from Tools\Compile options\Settings\Linker\Do not create a console windows. Set to Yes
    and ddoesn't work
    i tried and -mwindows but still don't work

    can you take a look why this don't work
    i think this is a little bug :)
    thx :)

    1. yeap... i used cmd functions and this keeped my console :))

  17. how am i able to use dev-c++ in 32bits? i dnt know how to fix it because it doesnt work in my laptop.

    1. try the MinGW32 version

    2. Hi,

      All versions should work fine on 32bit, including the debugger since

      Can you tell me what kind of problems you're encountering?

  18. Great work, although it would be nice if you could get rid of the old-school look of Dev-C++, it just really doesn't look up-to-date anymore. I know it's possible to modify the lexer colors but the first impression of a software product can make a big difference. It's not just the lexer colors, the GUI could also use a refreshment (i.e. the icons and the the interface itself).

    A good-looking IDE can sometimes make the unstableness bearable ;).

  19. i m going to switch from codeblocks to dev-c++ - my first ide :D

  20. Just wondering if you were aware that there is already a more up-to-date branch of Dev-C++ that's got a huge head-start on fixing the many bugs and adding features compared to you?

    What reasons would give give to suggest people might choose your variant (Orwell Dev-C++) rather than the more mature wxDev-C++ variant?

    1. Well, as I can see it there is the following:
      1) wxDev-C++ is tailored more towards developing with wxWidgets (hence the name), which not everybody uses.
      2) wxDev-C++ AFAIK doesn't supply a portable version out-of-the-box, which may not seem important to many, but it certainly is to me :).
      3) The downloads that come prepackaged with compiler setups (with either 32-bit or 64-bit targets), which don't require any set-up at all.

      But yes, the wxDev-C++ fork has existed for a longer period and may (I can't say for sure) be more stable or contain more features. In fact, #2 is one of the specific reasons I don't use wxDev-C++.

    2. Some more:

      1) wxDev-C++ still comes with the old 3.4.2 compiler as far as I know, which, for example, doesn't provide vectorization optimization, 2D error position coordinates and 64bit compiling.
      2) wxDev-C++ doesn't contain stuff like code folding, indent guides and others.

    3. Hi Orwell.

      Are you planning to update the MinGW compiler in Dev-C++ to 4.7.0 anytime soon or is there a way to update it myself?

      Thanks for such a good IDE - and in advance - for your reply.

      Have a good day.

  21. When I try to compile the following message appears: cc1plus.exe: error: unrecognized command line option "-Wfatal-errors"
    How do I fix it?

  22. When I open or save any file the program freezes! What is happeneing?

    1. Hi,

      You're not the only one reporting this problem, but I do not yet have a clue where the problem is coming from. Please report here if you wish:

    2. When I upgraded to the newest version, just a few minutes after I told You about the problem, it stopped, but today it started again!

  23. Any reason for storing some of downloadable files as 7z and others as .exe? It is somewhat odd to report that all .7z files are being reported as corrupt. Download sizes do generally match what you've reported on your blog.

    The portable version which updates only the IDE (2MB) was saved as 1,700,958 Bytes
    The portable version which includes MinGW32 (15MB) was saved as 16,539,850 Bytes
    The portable version which includes TDM-GCC x64 (25MB) was saved as 26,082,382 Bytes
    The source code (1MB) was saved as 1,196,110 Bytes

    All executables have downloaded fine and also able to execute 'em

    1. The purpose of the 7z files is to not leave anything behind on the users' PC , which means not using a setup of course.

      Also, this notice (#3 under "Important Notices") might be of help:

      If you're getting 'Unsupported compression method' errors when extracting the portable version, please update your archiving program. The archive uses LMZA2 compression, which was added to WinRAR 3.91 and 7zip 9.04 somwhere in 2009. The latter is just as free as Dev-C++, so nothing is holding you back to extract it.

  24. Hi Orwell. I since very appreciated your aport. The changes are really amazing, the compiler and the debugger are since AMAZING. And we have more! The velocity! The velocity of the new Dev C++ is incredible! Only 15mb at Portabl Dev! I just wanna said: Thank you very very very much!!

    Please never let out this project, you are so good bro. I wish you the best man, take care!

    PD: Sorry for my english xD

  25. I just want to thank you for your fork. I didn't know of it, until I read the article of Dev-cpp on the wikipedia.

  26. When will You make another update?

  27. The Program doesn't can't open....
    When th program runs first,then its crashed why...

  28. Just a little note -- if you're going to update the GCC that ships with Dev-C++ to 4.7.0 (4.7.1? It says 4.7.0 in some places and 4.7.1 in others), it'd be nice to make a note somewhere that there was a binary compatibility break between MinGW GCC 4.6.x and 4.7.x, so any libraries built with MinGW GCC 4.6.x (and earlier) won't work with programs built with MinGW GCC 4.7. (it'll compile and link okay, but the resulting executable will likely crash)
    Also, any executable files built with MinGW GCC 4.6.x (or earlier) that depend on MinGW DLLs like libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll or libstdc++-6.dll (and possibly others) won't work anymore with the newer 4.7 DLLs. (but considering that, if I recall correctly, Dev-C++ links by default with -static-libgcc -static-libstdc++, most people should be fine)
    Just a heads-up in case you didn't already know that.

  29. Just wondering do you pack Mingw in the Mingw version? If so may I suggest using MinGW-w32 instead? It's alot better than the original Mingw and is under constant development.

  30. I add a custom compiler (mingw 4.5.2) and when I compile the project devcpp keeps adding some options that I haven't selected in the compiler options or project options. The funny thing is that it adds -fsyntax-only so it doesn't generate any .o file and therefore no exe is made. The options that it adds are:

    -Wall -O1 -Wall -fsyntax-only -Wfatal-errors

    I have checked several times that those options are not marked in the compiler and project options. It seems like is running in debug mode or something like that... am I missing something?

  31. Here is my Japanese translation.
    I hope this is useful for everyone.

    1. They say the file is not available.
      I uploaled the file here, too.
      (This is Japanese site. Search the link "" and click it.)

    2. Thank you. Added to Dev-C++ 5.3.

  32. hey, nice development. I've been using Dev-c++ for 4 years and I thought it was dead.
    You sure really bring it alive. And by the way, are you Indonesian?

    And hey, <a href=">visit back my Blog</a>

  33. Hi, thank you for this. I'm another one that started out on dev-c++ but switched to codeblocks when old devcpp wasn't being maintained. I'm happy to switch back again! Any chance of being able to import codeblocks projects?


  34. I opened a .dev project file. Then, while it was opened, I renamed a source file. It said"... was removed or renamed". I closed it and now I can't open any .dev-file! It says that there's an error"List index out of bounds". The bug report: Application version:

    Machine info
    Platform : Windows NT
    OS version : version 5.1 (build 2600)
    Additional info: Service Pack 3

    The following error occured in version
    List index out of bounds (0) (at address 0x0011E5EA)

    Please include a description of what you were doing before the error occured (please give as much precisions as possible) :

    State information follows:
    Stack trace:
    0028910F (0018810F): ShowExceptionInfo (ExceptionsAnalyzerFrm - 564)
    00289317 (00188317): TExceptionsAnalyzer.GlobalExceptionHandler (ExceptionsAnalyzerFrm - 572)
    00108882 (00007882): Move36 (FastMM4 - 2360)
    0023EB74 (0013DB74): ReadPackmanPackages (WebUpdate - 370)
    0023EC0E (0013DC0E): GetPackmanPackVersion (WebUpdate - 379)
    0023EB74 (0013DB74): ReadPackmanPackages (WebUpdate - 370)
    0023EDC8 (0013DDC8): TWebUpdateForm.CheckFile (WebUpdate - 408)
    0023EDC8 (0013DDC8): TWebUpdateForm.CheckFile (WebUpdate - 408)
    0023EDA4 (0013DDA4): TWebUpdateForm.CheckFile (WebUpdate - 404)
    0023EDC8 (0013DDC8): TWebUpdateForm.CheckFile (WebUpdate - 408)
    0023EB98 (0013DB98): ReadPackmanPackages (WebUpdate - 370)
    0023EDC8 (0013DDC8): TWebUpdateForm.CheckFile (WebUpdate - 408)
    0023ED34 (0013DD34): TWebUpdateForm.CheckFile (WebUpdate - 392)
    0023ED34 (0013DD34): TWebUpdateForm.CheckFile (WebUpdate - 392)
    0023ED80 (0013DD80): TWebUpdateForm.CheckFile (WebUpdate - 402)
    0023F874 (0013E874): TWebUpdateForm.CalcTotalSize (WebUpdate - 560)
    0023ED80 (0013DD80): TWebUpdateForm.CheckFile (WebUpdate - 402)
    002718D8 (001708D8): TUnitList.GetItem (project - 2136)
    0026E2FD (0016D2FD): TProject.Open (project - 1218)
    00269F78 (00168F78): TProject.Create (project - 473)
    0024A224 (00149224): TMainForm.OpenProject (main - 2124)
    0024BD1B (0014AD1B): TMainForm.actOpenExecute (main - 2582)
    0023EDC8 (0013DDC8): TWebUpdateForm.CheckFile (WebUpdate - 408)
    0023EDC8 (0013DDC8): TWebUpdateForm.CheckFile (WebUpdate - 408)
    0028A903 (00189903): (devcpp - 187)
    0028A921 (00189921): (devcpp - 187)
    0023EDC8 (0013DDC8): TWebUpdateForm.CheckFile (WebUpdate - 408)
    0028A388 (00189388): (devcpp - 114)

  35. I have found a fatal error!

    An example how it can be repeated:

    Make a file.cpp
    Make a header.h
    Include the header in the cpp file and vice versa.
    The compile it

    The compiler will compile in an endless loop.

  36. This may be a stupid question but the little bar that goes down the middle of the text editor drives me nuts. Is there any way to remove it?

    1. Go: Tools | Editor Options | General tab, and look for "Right Margin" and de-select "Enabled".


  37. Has hecho un trabajo estupendo. Muchas gracias por todo el tiempo que le has dedicado y por tu esfuerzo. :-)

  38. Excuse me, could I use conditional breakpoint in Dev-c++ debugger?

  39. i have installed windows 8 86bit, dev c++ have a problem, "source code not compiled". please help

  40. i have installed windows 8 32bit, dev c++ have a problem, "source code not compiled". please help

  41. what can I do for this problem "source code not compiled". Somebody can help me?

  42. Okay, so I have a question...
    How can I delete the indentation guides?
    I really don't like them.
    Anyway, nice work with this IDE :)

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