Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A quick note on 'officialness'

For some time now, thanks to the miracles of Google Analytics, I've been noticing some visitors and talkers about this Dev-C++ fork are complaining that's it's not official enough. Like, say, 'I'm not upgrading until an official Bloodshed version will be released'.

Well, I can tell you, that's not going to happen. You wouldn't want to know how many times I tried to get into contact with Colin Laplace (the old lead developer) and a few other developers associated with the old SourceForge project page. Why bother you ask? Well, Bloodshed.net is still the number one hit on Google, and this blog is not, which is one of the reasons why some Dev-C++ users still don't know of this fork. The old SourceForge page is a similar story.

Anyways, the old developers are gone. There won't be any new version released by them. But why bother waiting? What's the difference between them or I doing the coding and other stuff? Sure, it might take me a while longer to fix stuff, but still: what's the point of waiting for them to do the job?

Concluding: do yourself a favor and switch to Orwell Dev-C++ if you're still using the old versions!


  1. Only word I can say: *signed*

    Orwell Dev-C++ is very good (:
    I like it more than WinVS :D

  2. After years of waiting for the original Dev-C++ to be updated, I came upon your build and at first I couldn't believe my eyes that somebody had actually started updating Dev-C++ again and I was astonished when I installed your version. I'm really thankful for your hard work and dedication but yeah, the fact that your blog doesn't turn up first in google's results is quite misleading, especially since a lot of unrelated pages show up before your blog.

  3. Thank you for your hard work..... Dev c++ can rebirth , it's a dream!

  4. It will take sometime and people will find it, just drop a note here and there. Wikipedia already points here so it's a matter of time. It was very surprising to me when I first heard of Dev-C++ being developed again. And this is an open source project, so devs going in and out and forks are something natural. By the way development speed is very impressive! As I learn to make cross-platform games (SDL/Open GL) I might try to use Dev-C++ in the future because using mingw in gnu/linux is not that easy for beginners:) Good luck with your work.

  5. Just found this out today as it is a staff pick in sf.net! This made me go to devcpp's wikipedia page. Fortunately, Orwell devcpp is already mentioned there. I'm not maintaining any websites today, but I'll mention this to my programmer friends. Thank you and keep up the great work!

  6. why dont u add a +1 button for ur website. we will recommend ur website. and ur hits may increase.

  7. Hey. Doesn't this annoy me? Really, no one should blame a dev who has picked up a dormant FOSS project and is trying to bring it to life again. That is what I get from this post. Good work pal.

    Now with this, I'll have to resuscitate my "almost dead" C++ programming skills since I'll be doing some GUI programming. It's been years since I ever did anything in C++. Why? I installed the last release of Dev C++ but never touched it since it wasn't being developed. Orwell, you just saved the day. I'll be using the Portable version mostly. I have never been a fun of installers with all their knack of installing registry keys, start up routines et al .... :-(

    P.S: I am too lazy to install MinGW. What? With all it's disparate packages. Orwell Dev C++ all the way.

  8. How about using an actual website for this instead of blogspot?

  9. I sent an email to the Bloodshed developers to make you an official developer :)

  10. Yeah, that one guy kinda has a point. If you were to use an actual website instead of blogspot, you might have more luck.

  11. Hey! Sweet deal, glad someone picked it up. I do still have a problem with auto-indentation. It does work better than before, but for loops and stuff it indents the closing bracket 1 further (even though it should line it up with the opening bracket). Thank you for the hard work!

  12. Hey! A friend told me about your project (a new better DevCpp). It seems great!

    Anyway, I'd like to know: do you work alone? I tried to find a repository or a community working in the project, but I didn't find any of them. Instead, only 7zipped packets (I'm not complaining anyway).

    Great work \o/

  13. Wow, I never thought this was possible. The past year I've spent writing C++ code has either been in VS or Qt Creator. Both are good IDEs (I'd say VS 2010 is /decent/ for C++ development), but now...after all I've heard about the legendary Dev-C++, I have to give your IDE a shot.

    Keep up the good work. FOSS is where it's at.


  14. Thanks for your effort, but this program is useless for me, since It doesn't compile (and doesn't allow to install) SDL packages.

    1. SDL works fine for me :)
      If you downloaded it with the Package Manager thing, be sure to move the bin\, include\ and lib\ folders into the MinGW32\ Folder.